Everyday, businesses are faced with the growing problem of how to reach their customers on marketing budgets that are constantly getting smaller. Great Falls Bench Advertising provides the answer, offering a highly visible product at a very affordable price.

Does bench advertising really work?

  • In the age of digital distractions, outdoor advertising is more relevant than ever. We have the bench locations and all of the complementary services needed to help make effective professional advertisements. This includes state-of-the-art design & production capabilities, and advice on how to best target your audience.
  • Case studies prove the right message in the right place at the right time generates sales. Restaurants use bench ads to direct hungry motorists off a highway or one-way to a specific location. Radio stations know the best place to remind listeners to switch stations is when they are in their cars. Car dealerships realize there is no better way to reach their best prospects – drivers of cars and trucks, than while they are on the road.
  • Transportation agencies have established that 95% of all travelers’ use the automobile for work, shopping and recreation. This provides the advertiser with the ability to target every segment of the market without having to waste advertising dollars on non-market areas.