Getting Started:

We take care of everything:

Artwork and Design

Printing and Production

Installation and Maintenance

Option 1: send us your logos, photos, and information and we will begin work designing your new bench ad.


Option 2: Design your own bench with Adobe Illustrator by following these instructions:

  1. Download our Adobe Illustrator template here

  2. Open the template in Illustrator and begin designing in the Artwork layer. 

  3. Design your art to fill the entire Artwork layer allowing for a 1/2″ bleed.

  4. Take note of the bolt placement and borders. Only the art within the borders will be visible and the extra 1/2″ will wrap around the signboard.

  5. When finished, select all Text then press ‘Shift-Ctrl-O’ to convert all text to outlines.

  6. Select ‘File -> Save a Copy’.

  7. Choose a filename or use the filename format ‘customer-name_ad-title_version.pdf’, select ‘Save as Type’ and choose Adobe PDF. Click Save.

  8. in the next Dialog, choose the Adobe PDF Preset ‘High Quality Print’ and then click ‘Save as PDF’. (Don’t worry, the bolt guide and borders will be hidden in the final PDF)

  9. upload your PDF here:


Bench ad prints are $150 each and include production and installation.

Production and installation may take up to 2 weeks depending on our current workload.

Please make sure your artwork is correct before uploading, as we typically do not send proofs before printing.

We can make arrangements to have a design proof sent if you call us at 406-580-8664 or email .

Bench Template Dimensions: 73 inches wide x 25 inches high.

Visible Art Dimensions: 72 inches wide x 24 inches high with rounded top corners. (half an inch on each side is folded around the edges of the signboard)

Color Process: CMYK

Min DPI for embedded photos: 300